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Ladybox Boutique Organic Period Survival Kit | 180 ct


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Don't forget the Feminine Care Products on your checklist!  It is easy to forget to pack plenty of Pads and Tampons when preparing your daughter for her first semester in college.  We created this "College Essentials Period Survival Kit" to give your daughter everything she will need when it is her "time of the month".  Have what she needs for her period ready to go so she can focus on the important stuff.... getting to class on time! 
We are here to help make her first semester easy-peasy!  
                                     $100 VALUE for ONLY $85!!
                                                 Your Kit will include:
  • 24 Lite Applicator Tampons
  • 24 Regular Applicator Tampons
  • 24 Super Applicator Tampons
  • 24 Super Plus Applicator Tampons
  • 24 Daytime Pads
  • 24 Overnight Pads
  • 24 Panty Liners
  • 12 Regular Applicator Free Tampons.
100% Certified Organic Cotton Applicator and Applicator Free Tampons in all sizes to fit her flow. 
Daytime Pads: COMFORTABLE FIT & LEAK FREE - Expands to fit body for maximum protection to provide leak-free confidence you can rely on.
Overnight Pads: Our most absorbent pad for overnight protection. Don’t miss a night of sleep because of your period or bladder leakage ever again.  Crafted with the softest 100% cotton and perfectly placed fluid locker.  Protect your most sensitive lady parts.  
Best Selling Panty Liners, Our 100% Organic Cotton panty liners are perfect for every day.  Soft, Breathable, and Effective. She won’t even know she has one on!
Applicator Free Tampons Comfortable, sleek, and eco-conscious. These applicator-free tampons feature a rounded tip for easy insertion and are made with 100% organic cotton.  It is shocking how much space you can save by losing that tiny bit of plastic. 
  • So small that you can carry them anywhere in your tiniest purse or pocket! or even the palm of your hand
College Student Approved! 

LadyBox Gives Back! For every LadyBox Boutique Period Survival Kit purchased, LadyBox will match your purchase and donate to “I Support The Girls” non-profit. These women & girls are in need across the United States


• 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON - Made with OCS certified, non-GMO  and grown without the use of toxins, pesticides or synthetic chemicals. All  cotton used in LadyBox products is organic and certified to the Global  Organic Textile Standard. 

• COMFORTABLE FIT & LEAK FREE - Expands to fit body for maximum  protection to provide leak-free confidence you can rely on. 

• LadyBox Boutique’s Tampons & Pads are free of chlorine bleaching, dyes,  and fragrances 

• For every LadyBox Boutique pack purchased, LadyBox will match your  purchase and donate to “I Support The Girls” non-profit. These women &  girls are in need across the United States 

• Safe for ALL women & girls- our products are safe and suitable for all  women, skin types, and menstrual conditions. Perfect for people that have sensitive and highly absorbent vagina areas.