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Applicator Free Tampons


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We're all about a healthy planet just as much as we are about a healthy body, so we offer applicator-free organic tampons. They're small enough to fit into a clutch and expand to a comfortable fit. We have sizes from regular to super plus to accommodate every woman and girl. They're 100% organic cotton and made without fragrances, dyes, and chemicals. 


Choose a one-time purchase, or build a subscription for your 90-day supply. Because no two periods are the same, prepare & ship your customized subscription every 90 days.

Product Types


Regular, Super, Super plus


12, 24


• 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON - Made with OCS certified, non-GMO  and grown without the use of toxins, pesticides or synthetic chemicals. All  cotton used in LadyBox products is organic and certified to the Global  Organic Textile Standard. 

• COMFORTABLE FIT & LEAK FREE - Expands to fit body for maximum  protection to provide leak-free confidence you can rely on. 

• LadyBox Boutique’s Tampons & Pads are free of chlorine bleaching, dyes,  and fragrances 

• For every LadyBox Boutique pack purchased, LadyBox will match your  purchase and donate to “I Support The Girls” non-profit. These women &  girls are in need across the United States 

• Safe for ALL women & girls- our products are safe and suitable for all  women, skin types, and menstrual conditions. Perfect for people that have sensitive and highly absorbent vagina areas.