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Karalynne Call from Just Ingredients talks "Baby Talk"

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The time after a baby is born is one of the most emotion filled times of life! The postpartum time period is often called the "fourth trimester" and for good reason because the body goes through so many changes. Along with that there are the demands of a new baby; feeding the baby, the lack of sleep and new motherhood in general. Every birth experience and every baby is different for all of us moms and it can even be different for each pregnancy and birth you experience. Progesterone and estrogen rise during pregnancy and abruptly drop after the baby arrives. Then oxytocin and prolactin start to rise....the roller coaster of hormones and emotions can really take a toll on new moms. This is why it's so important to use products that don't have endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruptors are "chemicals that may mimic or interfere with the body's hormones, known as the endocrine system." What can you do to help those postpartum hormone fluctuations❓ #21️⃣Dioxins: Switch out feminine hygiene products for ones with less harmful ingredients. Look for organic pads because those won't have GMO cotton or contain dioxins (due to chlorine bleaching.) Dioxins are linked to hormone disruption and according to the EPA there is "no safe level of exposure to dioxin."  2️⃣Phthalates: Reduce the use of products that may contain phthalates; phthalates can be found in things like scar balms, nipple balms and perennial care items. Even low doses of endocrine disruptors like phthalates can alter the body's sensitive systems. #3 3️⃣BPA: Look for breast pads, water bottles and other plastic products that are BPA free. BPA has been shown to interact with estrogen receptors and has a tendency to bio-accumulate.# 4 ✨👉🏻For bottle feeding, my favorite bottles and formulas were just posted on my free baby guide. #1CLICK HERE TO READ ALL ABOUT POSTPARTUM FROM THE EXPERT HERSELF KARALYNNE CALL FROM JUST.INGREDIENTS!

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