Brittany Brave (Brand Ambassador)

We are pleased to announce that we are working with the amazingly talented Brand Ambassador, Brittany Brave (@brittanybrave).

This lady works!  Brittany is starring in the hysterical web series “The Disastrous Dating Life of Diane Damone.”   The show was created by Joseph Patrick Conroy of Amerikana Media and starring Brittany Brave. She is also helping with production, casting, and crowd-funding for the series in January, before pitching it to bigger companies and platforms.

It's about a young Italian girl in the city who falls deeply in and out in love in record time. The episodes are funny, raw and a little bit surreal. Please go to to check it out.

Brittany is doing Virtual Comedy shows during the pandemic, which LadyBox Boutique sponsors!  She is revamping her bi-weekly show, Improvised Tarot.  Improvised Tarot features comedians, who give their “B.S.” tarot readings to live audience members, who then get a professional psychic reading.  It is hilarious and heart-warming. A great way to kill time inside the house!

If that weren’t enough, she has a new podcast called “Bad Women by Cat Call.”  She interviews women who she loves and respects while dropping incredible, eye-opening chats every week. The pod covers a variety of stories, industries and experiences. Available everywhere podcasts are:

She is planning to tour and entertain all of 2021.  Please make sure you go to her website! And make sure to follow her on instagram @brittanybrave to keep up with all that she has going on.